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About Remixes

One of the biggest ways 2Pac legacy is carried on through generations are amazing remixes made by different artists that are inspired by 2Pac's music.

The goal here is to gather all such songs that are recognized world wide. It is clear that popularity is not always followed by quality, but we had to make a milestone. We have decided that Youtube view count needed for the song to be listed here is one million.

Thugs who made these incredible remixes will also be listed in the Hall Of Fame page.
Eternally grateful.

About Project

We believe that when we collect all those remix views in a single count, the final number will be astonishing! It often happens that some remix has been removed from YouTube. Reasons are different but the outcome is the same:

We are left with one great song less :(

That is why, as a part of this project, we take care that every remix that was once included on this page, stays with us forever.

Starting from October 2018, we are making a list of such Lost Remixes. If you want to get any of those songs, feel free to contact us on Facebook.